Spinups Quick Start

Quick Start Guide

This guide explains how to get started quickly with using Spinups.
We will take you through the following steps:
  • Signing up for a new Spinups account and automatically launching a Rocket.Chat application – your first application
  • Verifying your account and accessing your Spinups Private Application Cloud
Please note that Microsoft Internet Explorer is currently not supported on Spinups signup and account dashboard. We recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari to access the signup and account pages.  

Signing up

  1. Select the Signup menu from the website
  2. Enter your work email address
  3. Select Next
  1. Enter a team name.
    We will try to select a team name from your email address.
    If you want a different team name, you can easily change this here.
    You must select a team name that is not already taken.
  2. Enter a strong password.
    You will only be asked for the password once.
    It is important that you remember it for logging on to your dashboard and applications later.
  3. Select the Start Free Trial button.
    This will create your Spinups Private Application Cloud account for you.

    The signup process also automatically spins up a 14-day trial instance of the popular chat application Rocket.Chat.

    This is the first of many applications that will be available soon on the Spinups Marketplace.

    Your own Private Application Cloud dashboard and Rocket.Chat instance have now been created and started.

  1. Check your email for a verification email with an account activation link.
  2. Once you have verified your email, you can access the 2 private applications that have been started by the signup process: Links to both are available in the Welcome Email that is sent as soon as the signup email account is verified.

Accessing your Spinups Private Application Cloud

To manage your existing applications and select other applications for testing, log into your dashboard with the link in the welcome email.
The dashboard can be accessed from a link that looks like this: https://.spinups.io.
For example https://whogloo-demo.spinups.io 


Select the catalog menu item in the navigation menu on the left to see the applications that are currently available in the catalog.

The catalog shows the available and running instances, as well as the entries that will be coming soon on Spinups.io.



Select the Profile menu item. This contains the current user profile information.  


Select the payment options to add and modify credit cards to use for paying for subscriptions, and to see the billing details.  



Select the My applications menu option to view the applications that are running in your Private Application Cloud.

From here you can access the actual application website or manage your subscription for the application.

Getting started with Rocket.Chat on Spinups

Check out the Rocket.Chat Quick Start guide for details on how to get started with your new Rocket.Chat instance.

Welcome to Spinups!

We hope that you enjoy using your Spinups Private Application Cloud and the Rocket.Chat application