Frequently Asked Questions


  • Spinups is an “all-in-one” platform for finding and instantly spinning up business web applications.

    It contains the Spinups Marketplace, a global destination for businesses seeking applications to help drive their business forward.

    Spinups is a specialized, Private Application Cloud, that dramatically reduces the amount of effort and time to spin up applications. Applications can be spun up for instant trials and easy subscriptions.

    Applications offered through Spinups will be carefully selected to cover fundamental business needs.

  • On-premise or custom cloud deployment options will be available in the future. Contact us for more details.

  • Signing up for a Spinups account is free. You can start testing applications for free with time limited trials.

    If you decide to subscribe and continue using an application when the trial ends, you will be charged the monthly or annual subscription you choose.

    Most of the applications available on the Spinups Marketplace have free trials – which allow you to quickly and easily test them and decide if they are a fit for your team.

  • Applications available on Spinups may be available in different languages. We encourage all application authors to offer their applications in multiple languages. The specific language availability for each product is shown on the product details page in the Spinups Marketplace catalog.


Marketplace – Coming Q4 2017

  • The Spinups Marketplace is our online application store for business applications.

    whoGloo provides a number of applications for you to get started with. We will continuously be adding new content to the launchpad. These may be developed by whoGloo or by developers from our partner network. If you are interested in developing and selling applications – contact us.

  • During the evaluation period for a business application you have full access to all the great features of that application except connectibility to other applications. After a 14-day evaluation period you will need to purchase a license by choosing the product tier you need together with the appropriate user count, and providing authorization to charge your credit card.

  • It’s entirely up to you!  You can choose to commit monthly or annually, which enables a lower monthly rate.

    You’ll be charged on the plan basis that you select and you can cancel anytime.

    While we don’t provide refunds, if you cancel, your team can use the product to the end of the period for which payment was made.

  • We accept all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover.

  • Yes.  Your team can use the product to the end of the period for which payment was made.

  • You can contact us and inquire about our plans to include the application you are looking for. It may already be on our shortlist.

    As soon as we launch our developer program, developers can sign up and use our advanced development tools to write the applications. Once applications have bee written, they can be submitted for approval and sale on the Spinups Marketplace. We will handle the promotion and sale of the application .

    If you are not a developer and have an idea or specific requirement for an application, we may also be able to point you to one of our development partners that can help. We are always looking for partners to help us build the next special application to be made available on the Spinups Marketplace.

  • Yes, once you have written an application, you can submit it for approval and sale on the Spinups Marketplace. Once we have validated that it is a fit, and we have agreed on the cost, your application will be made available for sale to other users. We handle the promotion and sales process and pay developers their share of the revenue from the application.

    Our Spinups development platform also includes templates, guides and services to help in packaging and launching applications through separate landing pages and sign up processes.



  • Your team’s privacy and data security are top priorities for us. No one outside your team can access your data and files. Your Spinups applications operate within your Private Application Cloud. All applications on Spinups run as completely isolated, stand-alone applications. Your data is not in shared databases. 

Partner Network Program

  • Details of the Spinups Partner Network Program will be made available soon.

    We will be launching programs for developers wanting to build and sell their applications as well as a program for Development Partners who are experts in building applications for customers that are suited for the Spinups Marketplace.

    Contact us if you are interested in knowing more about our Partner Program plans.